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WiredTiger File Forensics Part 2: wt dump

wiredtiger file forensics wt dump

This article contains one normal section – how to print information directly from the raw WiredTiger files using wt dump – followed by really important, otherwise undocumented information about how to get to the MongoDB binary data inside WT tables.
See “WiredTiger File Forensics (Part 1: Building “wt”)” for:

How to build the “wt” utility command
A […]

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WiredTiger File Forensics Part 1: Building “wt”

wiredtiger file forensics

Most of the files in a data directory of a MongoDB server are made by the WiredTiger storage engine. If you want to look at the content inside them you can use the tool “wt” from the WiredTiger library:
Inspection of the WiredTiger files is not an essential MongoDB DBA skill – it’s just […]

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Percona Backup for MongoDB v1.5 Released

Percona Backup for MongoDB v1.5 Released

Percona Backup for MongoDB (PBM) has reached a new step with the release of version 1.5.0 today, May 13th, 2021.
Azure Blob Storage Support
Now you can use Azure Blob Storage as well as S3-compatible object stores.
Configuration example:

     type: azure
       account: <string>
       container: <string>
       prefix: <string>
         key: <your-access-key>


   storage:     type: azure     azure:       account: <string>       container: <string>       prefix: <string>       credentials:         key: <your-access-key>

Preference Weight for Backup Source Nodes
Until now PBM would […]

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Point-in-Time Recovery for MongoDB on Kubernetes

point in time recovery mongodb

Running MongoDB in Kubernetes with Percona Operator is not only simple but also by design provides a highly available MongoDB cluster suitable for mission-critical applications. In the latest 1.8.0 version, we add a feature that implements Point-in-time recovery (PITR). It allows users to store Oplog on an external S3 bucket and to perform recovery […]

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Deploying a MongoDB Proof of Concept on Google Cloud Platform

Recently, I needed to set up a Proof of Concept (POC) and wanted to do it on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  After documenting the process, it seemed it might be helpful for others looking for the most basic guide possible to get a Mongo server up and running on GCP.  The process below will […]

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