Percona Live Online Community RoomsSomething new and exciting this year for Percona Live ONLINE is the inclusion of “Community Rooms”.  Every year we struggle with fitting in as many sessions as we can into Percona Live.  As the largest open-source database conference, we want to be inclusive of as many different projects and database technologies as possible.  We recognize that people run many different databases and use lots of different tools to ensure their applications work as well as possible, so allowing people to learn and share their knowledge is critical.

This year we are adding recorded community rooms to Percona Live.  What are community rooms? On top of the hours of sessions we select for our main tracks at Percona Live, we will allocate 4 hours of sessions (either 30 or 60 minutes recorded sessions, so 4 or 8 total recordings) to selected community projects, technologies, or themes.  A community room organizer will be responsible for building out the agenda for their community room.

Who can sign up for a community room?  Project owners/maintainers, passionate community members, or just fans can submit for a community room.  We will be selecting community projects that submit an application to Percona Live Community Room Request and our only rules here are these are not to be sales pitches but rather must teach people how to do cool and interesting things. At Percona, we appreciate and encourage diversity and welcome you to offer an inclusive lineup of speakers.  We would also like to encourage track owners to help us to promote your track and the event. Other than that, we are pretty open to providing space!

Contact me for more details and we look forward to adding even more awesome to Percona Live ONLINE this year!!   The HOSS looks forward to seeing you there!