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5.0.84-build18 Percona binaries

Dear Community,
The 18-th build of MySQL server with Percona patches is available now.
Comparing to the previous release it has following new features:

The build is based on MySQL-5.0.84
Fixed the issue with CLIENT_STATISTICS
New patch innodb_recovery_patches.patch greatly improves recovery time

Fixed bugs in the build:

Bug #407117 in Percona patches: “any mysql-test fails with a warning “master.err: ctype_ucs2_def: InnoDB: […]

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Copying InnoDB tables between servers

The feature I announced some time ago is now available in our latest releases of XtraBackup 0.8.1 and XtraDB-6.
Now I am going to show how to use it (the video will be also available on
Let’s take tpcc schema and running standard MySQL ® 5.0.83, and assume we want to copy order_line […]

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5.0.83-build17 Percona binaries

Dear Community,
The build 17 of MySQL with Percona patches is available.
New features in the release:

MySQL-5.0.83 is taken as the basis
The new patch innodb_use_sys_malloc.patch is added
The new patch innodb_split_buf_pool_mutex.patch is added
This patch splits the single global InnoDB buffer pool mutex into several mutexes for different purposes. This reduces mutex contention. It may help if you […]

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XtraDB storage engine release 1.0.3-6

Dear community,
Today we are pleased to announce release 6 of XtraDB – the result of 2 months hard work.
The release includes following new features:

MySQL 5.1.36 as a base release
New patch





Experimental adaptive checkpoint method estimate
innodb_stats – the implementation of the fix forMySQL Bug#30423
expand-import Support of import InnoDB / XtraDB tables from another server
split-bufpool-mutex-3 […]

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Improving InnoDB recovery time

Speed of InnoDB recovery is known and quite annoying problem. It was discussed many times, see:
This is problem when your InnoDB crashes, it may takes long time to start. Also it affects restoring from backup (both LVM and xtrabackup / innobackup)
In this is simple test, I do crash mysql during in-memory tpcc-mysql benchmark […]

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Dear community,
The release 0.8 of the opensource backup tool for InnoDB and XtraDB is available for download.
Key features:

New mode of innobackupex –stream=tar4ibd; new command tar4ibd based on libtar-1.2.11
Experimental option –export is added (see Vadim’s post “Impossible – possible, moving InnoDB tables between servers”for details)

tar4ibd is made to be sure that read of InnoDB page […]

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5.0.77 / 5.0.82 -build16 Percona binaries

Dear community,
We are pleased to announce the build16 of MySQL server® with Percona patches.
Since the build13 there was a couple of customer specific releases, which explains cutover in numbering and a pause between the builds. Also we prepared build for both 5.0.77 and 5.0.82 versions.
Since that time new patches were added:

This patch adds information […]

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