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What is a TAM (Technical Account Manager) and Does Your Database Need One?

technical account manager

This is usually one of the first questions asked by clients when discussing the possibility of adding a TAM (Technical Account Manager) to their Percona Support contract. Although the TAM role in a general sense has been around for many years, there are often misconceptions and confusion on what exactly a TAM is, and […]

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Split-Brain 101: What You Should Know

Split-brain datasets

Disclaimer: The following blog post does not try to provide a solution for split-brain situations, and the example provided is for demonstrative purposes only. Inconsistencies resulting from a split-brain scenario might possibly be more complex than the one shown, so do not use the following example as a complete guide.
What is Split-Brain?
A split-brain scenario […]

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MySQL Performance Optimization with Percona Monitoring and Management – Webinar Followup

optimize MySQL with Percona Monitoring and Management

Last week I did a webinar on MySQL Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization with Percona Monitoring And Management v2 (PMM2).
There was a tremendous amount of interest and many more questions than I could answer, so I’m answering them in this blog post instead.
Q: What are the red and white dots on the last column in […]

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A Tale About Migrating a PostgreSQL Database Between Different DBaaS Providers

Migrating PostgreSQL Between DbaaS Providers

We recently helped migrate a production PostgreSQL database running on a given DBaaS platform… to another DBaaS platform. When it comes to vendor “lock-in”, some providers are easier (and even friendlier) to deal with than others, but it is never a straightforward process. While in a traditional environment we would usually approach this problem […]

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COVID-19 and the Tech World: Hyper Growth and Hyper Slowdowns

covid-19 tech growth

Last week I wrote about How IT Can Scale and Manage Costs in an Economic Downturn. In that blog, I talked about ways to cut costs and prepare your systems for what could be next. With any massive world-changing event, there are going to be companies that have to scale down and weather the […]

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