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Announcing TokuDB v5.2: Improved Multi-Client Scaling and Faster Queries

TokuDB® v5.2, the latest version of Tokutek’s flagship storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB, is now available.
This version offers performance enhancements over previous releases, especially for multi-client scale up and point queries, and extends the cases where ALTER TABLE is non-blocking, in particular adding Hot Column Rename.
TokuDB v5.2 maintains all our established advantages: fast […]

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Query Planner Gotchas

Indexes can reduce the amount of data your query touches by orders of magnitude. This results in a proportional query speedup. So what happens when you define a nice set of indexes and you don’t get the performance pop you were expecting? Consider the following example:


mysql> show create table t;
| t […]

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Never Settle for a “B”

OldSQL DBs based on B-trees have some well-known problems and workarounds. TokuDB is a NewSQL storage engines based on Fractal Tree indexing, so the natural question is how InnoDB practice translates into TokuDB. This post gives a quick overview. Enjoy!
Q: How do I tune TokuDB?
A: You don’t!
TokuDB has almost no […]

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Covering Indexes: How many indexes do you need?

I’ve recently been blogging about how partitioning is a poor man’s answer to covering indexes. I got the following comment from Jaimie Sirovich:
“There are many environments where you could end up creating N! indices to cover queries for queries against lots of dimensions.”
[Just a note: this is only one of several points he […]

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