Author - Frederic Descamps

Percona Live: Advanced Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Nutshell, La Suite

12 Days Until Percona Live

This blog post will discuss what is necessary of the Percona Live  Advanced Percona XtraDB Cluster tutorial.
Percona Live 2016 is happening in April! If you are attending, and you are registered to the Percona XtraDB Cluster (Galera) tutorial presented by Kenny and myself, please make sure that you:

Bring your laptop, this is a hands-on […]

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Read-write split routing in MaxScale

Read-write split routing performance in MaxScale

In this blog post, we’ll discuss read-write split routing in MaxScale.
The two previous posts have shown how to setup high availability (HA) with Maxscale using asynchronous replication and how we monitor replication.
Now let’s focus on the routing module performing read-write splits.
This is our current configuration:


[Splitter Service]
servers=percona1, percona2


[Splitter Service]type=servicerouter=readwritesplitservers=percona1, percona2max_slave_replication_lag=30user=maxscalepasswd=264D375EC77998F13F4D0EC739AABAD4

This router module is designed to spread […]

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JSON document fast lookup with MySQL 5.7

JSON document fast lookup with MySQL 5-7

In this blog post, we’ll discuss JSON document fast lookup with MySQL 5.7.
Recently I attended Morgan Tocker’s talk on MySQL 5.7 and JSON at FOSDEM, and I found it awesome.
I learned some great information from the talk. Let me share one of them here: a very useful trick if you plan to store JSON documents […]

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How MaxScale monitors servers

maxscale monitors servers

In this post, we’ll address how MaxScale monitors servers. We saw in the
We saw in the previous post how we could deal with high availability (HA) and read-write split using MaxScale.
If you remember from the previous post, we used this section to monitor replication:


[Replication Monitor]
servers=percona1, percona2, percona3


[Replication Monitor]type=monitormodule=mysqlmonservers=percona1, percona2, percona3user=maxscalepasswd=264D375EC77998F13F4D0EC739AABAD4monitor_interval=1000script=/usr/local/bin/failover.shevents=master_down

But what are […]

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High availability with asynchronous replication… and transparent R/W split

High availability with asynchronous replication

In this post, the first one of a Maxscale series, I describe how to use MariaDB’s MaxScale and MySQL-utilities with MySQL Asynchronous replication.
When we talk about high availability with asynchronous replication, we always think about MHA or PRM. But if we want to transparently use the slave(s) for READs, what can we use ?

Three MySQL servers, […]

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