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Generating test data for MySQL tables

 | February 10, 2014 |  Posted In: MySQL

One of the common tasks requested by our support customers is to optimize slow queries. We normally ask for the table structure(s), the problematic query and sample data to be able to reproduce the problem and resolve it by modifying the query, table structure, or global/session variables. Sometimes, we are given access to the server […]

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Getting Percona PAM to work with Percona Server & its client apps

 | August 14, 2013 |  Posted In: MySQL

Percona Server is bundled with the PAM plugin which opens a plethora of ways to authenticate to MySQL such as restricting time when users can connect to MySQL, authenticate via a USB key, authenticate to an external authentication system such as LDAP and many, many more PAM compatible mechanisms. If you want to use PAM […]

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