Author - Akira Kurogane

Percona Backup for MongoDB v1.2 Released

percona backup mongodb 1.2

Percona Backup for MongoDB v1.2 is out! In a nutshell it offers (much) faster compression choices, backup cancellation, and assorted convenience features such as a universal backup deletion command and progress logging.
And, for the DBAs out there in the field, we’ve added a whole extra binary (pbm-speed-test) that will give a quick way to […]

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A MongoDB Prototype With New Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine (Hse)

mongodb heterogeneous memory storage engine

Introducing a new MongoDB Storage Engine
Q. What is the Heterogeneous-memory Storage Engine?
A key value store library developed (and open-sourced) by Micron that will work with any normal storage but works especially well with emerging SSDs or NVDIMMS (or other Storage Class Memory) that have faster even NVM media in them (Bleeding-edge NAND, or Optane […]

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Tactics to Scale Down Your MongoDB Deployment

scale down mongodb deployment

“Get big fast” was a mantra in the second eCommerce boom. MongoDB’s success during its startup years was due in large part to being the best database to support that.
But maybe, after your growth years, the data’s rent bill has become a little high? Big data was nice, but you absorbed a lot of […]

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DBA Concerns About Next-Gen, Non-Volatile Memory Storage Products

DBA Concerns Memory Storage

Abstract: Storage engine algorithmic gains have mostly settled and Moore’s law for CPU speed is bottoming out, but database performance still stands to increase ~10x thanks to continuing NAND Flash improvement, Optane, Flash-idiomatic SSD drives (e.g. OpenChannel, Zoned Namespaces), KeyValue SSD, etc. The downside is each storage engine revolution historically has broken encapsulation/reuse and […]

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MongoDB Compatibility in AWS DocumentDB

Recently I noticed the site Jan 2019 results download link) are a subset of the mongo javascript shell five dbaas_*.yml test suites used are sensible-for-DBAAS subsets of the same aggregation, decimal, and competition-comparison page at
But the scripts are not 1-to-1 tests of features. There are more than twice as many test scripts as […]

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