Author - Akira Kurogane

MongoDB Security vs. Five ‘Bad Guys’

MongoDB Security

Most any commercially mature DBMS provides the following five ways to secure the data you keep inside it:

Authentication of user connections (== Identity)
Authorization (== DB command permissions) (a.k.a. Role-based access control)
Network Encryption (a.k.a. Transport encryption)
Storage Encryption (a.k.a. Encryption-at-rest)
Auditing (MongoDB Enterprise or Percona Server for MongoDB only)

MongoDB is no exception. All of these have been […]

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MongoDB Disaster, Snapshot Restore and Point-in-time Replay

MongoDB update schema disaster

Mistakes can happen. If only we could go back in time to the very second before that mistake was made.
Act 1: The Disaster

Plain text version for those who cannot run the asciicast above:


akira@perc01:/data$ #OK, let’s get this party started!
akira@perc01:/data$ # The frontend has been shut down for 20 mins so they can
akira@perc01:/data$ # update […]

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Diving into the MongoDB 4.2 Release Small Print

MongoDB 4.2

In my previous blog post “Percona’s View on MongoDB’s 4.2 Release – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…” I discussed the release of transaction support in sharded clusters, field-level encryption, search-engine integration, and the new update command syntaxes.
Those are all very important, but to me making MongoDB easier to use and removing technical […]

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Percona’s View on MongoDB’s 4.2 Release – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

View on MongoDB 4.2 Release

This is part 1 of 2: The keynote-marketed features. 
Percona’s MongoDB Tech Lead Akira Kurogane takes a look at MongoDB’s 4.2 release.
Initial thoughts? Some great! Some not so compelling.
Distributed Transactions
Including distributed transactions is a great accomplishment, making MongoDB the only popular NoSQL distributed database to plug the gap with this fundamental feature, previously only available in […]

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