Percona Live 2019 Keynotes, Day One

Welcome to Percona Live 2019 keynotes, day one!

Percona Live 2019 is up and running! We call this day one, but in reality, yesterday was filled with tutorials that provided excellent and practical information on how to get your MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL environments up, running, and optimized.

Today we started with keynote presentations from Percona, Facebook, MariaDB Foundation, PingCAP, and Amazon.  Watch the recording here. Later in the day, we continued our keynotes with a Panel discussion, Amazon AWS, and MySQL Community Awards. You can watch the recording here.


Matt Yonkovit

Percona Welcome
Matt Yonkovit (Percona)

Peter Zaitsev

The State of Open Source Databases
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

It has been an exciting year in the open source database industry, with more choice, more cloud, and key changes in the industry. In his keynote address, Peter Zaitsev of Percona will dive into the key developments over the last year, including the most important open source database software releases, the significance of cloud-native solutions in a multi-vendor multi-cloud world, the new criticality of security challenges, the evolution of the open source software industry, and interesting new results from a new open source database survey.

MyRocks in the Real World
Yoshinori Matsunobu (Facebook)

In this keynote, Yoshinori will share interesting lessons learned from Facebook’s production deployment and operations of MyRocks and future MyRocks development roadmaps.


MariaDB 10.4, Where We Are Now
Vicentiu Ciorbaru – MariaDB Foundation

MariaDB Server has come a long way since it forked MySQL in 2009. Nine releases later, it is now default in most major Linux distributions no longer a mere alternative to MySQL, but to Oracle, through its compatibility mode with support for PL/SQL and other non-MySQL functionality. MariaDB Foundation has also matured since it was established in 2012. With board members from MariaDB Corporation, Visma,, IBM, Automattic, Tencent, and Microsoft, MariaDB Foundation has created a vibrant community of contributors, with the number of submitted pull requests being four times that of MySQL over their respective lifetimes. Join MariaDB Foundation Senior Team Lead Vicentiu Ciorbaru for this keynote, where he compares the mission of MariaDB Foundation with its achievements and highlights the latest contributions and functionality in its freshest stable release, 10.4.


TiDB 3.0: What’s new and what’s next
Ed Huang – PingCAP

TiDB is a popular open source distributed NewSQL database. It speaks the MySQL protocol, and the majority of its syntax – to your applications it looks like MySQL 5.7. Since its birth four years ago, TiDB has been used by more than 300 companies, scenario coverage: core banking systems / High concurrency internet service / Real-time analysis. In this talk, I will introduce the current status in the TiDB community, the core features of TiDB 3.0, and roadmap to make TiDB a true distributed HTAP database.


Open Source at Amazon
Arun Gupta – AWS

Customer obsession is one of the key leadership principles at Amazon. We innovate on customer’s behalf and focus on solving their problems. Over the years, customer usage and dependencies on open source technologies have been steadily increasing; this is why we’ve long been committed to open source, and our pace of contributions to open source projects continues to accelerate. Attend this talk to learn about the motivation for open source at AWS and what drives our active participation in open-source communities.

Tyler DuzanAnnouncing Percona Kubernetes Operators
Tyler Duzan – Percona

Percona announced the release of Percona Kubernetes Operator for XtraDB Cluster and Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB. Kubernetes delivers a method to orchestrate containers, providing automated deployment, management, and scalability.

Amazon RDS

What’s New in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
Yoav Eilat – Amazon

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a fully managed relational database service that enables you to launch an optimally configured, secure, and highly available database with just a few clicks. It manages time-consuming database administration tasks, freeing you to focus on your applications and business. We review the latest available features and capabilities.

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