Percona Server for MongoDB Operator 0.2.0 Early Access Release Is Now Available

Percona Server for MongoDB OperatorPercona announces the availability of the Percona Server for MongoDB Operator 0.2.0 early access release.

The Percona Server for MongoDB Operator simplifies the deployment and management of Percona Server for MongoDB in a Kubernetes or OpenShift environment. It extends the Kubernetes API with a new custom resource for deploying, configuring and managing the application through the whole life cycle.

Note: PerconaLabs is one of the open source GitHub repositories for unofficial scripts and tools created by Percona staff. These handy utilities can help save your time and effort.

Percona software builds located in the Percona-Lab repository are not officially released software, and also aren’t covered by Percona support or services agreements.

You can install the Percona Server for MongoDB Operator on Kubernetes or OpenShift. While the operator does not support all the Percona Server for MongoDB features in this early access release, instructions on how to install and configure it are already available along with the operator source code in our Github repository.

The Percona Server for MongoDB Operator on Percona-Lab is an early access release. Percona doesn’t recommend it for production environments. 

New features


  • CLOUD-76: Several Percona Server for MongoDB clusters can now share one namespace.

Fixed Bugs

  • CLOUD-97: The Replica Set watcher was not stopped automatically after the custom resource deletion.
  • CLOUD-46: When k8s-mongodb-initiator was running on an already-initialized Replica Set, it still attempted to initiate it.
  • CLOUD-45: The operator was temporarily removing MongoDB nodes from the Replica Set during a Pod update without the need.
  • CLOUD-51: It was not possible to set requests without limits in the custom resource configuration.
  • CLOUD-52: It was not possible to set limits without requests in the custom resource configuration.
  • CLOUD-89: The k8s-mongodb-initiator  was exiting with exit-code 1 instead of 0 if the Replica Set initiation has already happened, e.g., when a custom resource was deleted and recreated without deleting PVC data.
  • CLOUD-96: The operator was crashing after a re-create of the custom resource that already had old PVC data, and caused it to skip Replica Set init.

Percona Server for MongoDB is an enhanced, open source and highly-scalable database that is a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition. It supports MongoDB protocols and drivers. Percona Server for MongoDB extends MongoDB Community Edition functionality by including the Percona Memory Engine, as well as several enterprise-grade features. It requires no changes to MongoDB applications or code.

Help us improve our software quality by reporting any bugs you encounter using our bug tracking system.

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