Percona Becomes a Sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation

We are excited to announce we have joined the 
MariaDB Foundation as a Bronze Sponsor!MariaDB Foundation Bronze Sponsor

Percona’s mission is to be an unbiased champion of open source databases. We pride ourselves on helping customers avoid vendor lock-in by supporting them across a range of database technologies and deployment strategies. Sponsoring the MariaDB Foundation is a great way for us to show our support for the open source database community and highlight our single-source expertise in multi-vendor environments that eliminates lock-in, increases agility and enables business growth for our customers.

Open source continues to be an essential part of business strategy, with organizations deploying different open source databases in their production environments to meet various application requirements. Mixed environments can create new and interesting issues for businesses looking to deploy business-critical applications, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. MariaDB remains a popular choice among enterprises, and is used by around 40% of our customers.

Percona has participated in the MariaDB community for many years. We have an advanced understanding of MariaDB’s unique features, performance and capabilities, and can support MariaDB installations wherever they are located (on-premises, in the cloud or using DBaaS providers such as Amazon RDS). At Percona, MariaDB Support is provided 24x7x365 by some of the world’s top MariaDB experts. These experts have helped thousands of customers resolve nearly every conceivable MariaDB issue. These solutions include deploying scale-out and high-availability solutions like ProxySQL, MariaDB with Galera Cluster, MHA, and more. With Percona services, organizations can increase uptime, reduce costs and obtain increased ROI for their MariaDB installations.

Percona demonstrates our commitment to the open source database community in a variety of ways, including hosting the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference, participating in meet-ups and webinars, and partnering with other key players in the open source database arena, such as AWS, Google, Mesosphere and Microsoft. Our sponsorship of the MariaDB Foundation helps them support continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem, drives adoption and serves an ever-growing community of users and developers.

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