This Week in Data with Colin Charles #7: Percona Live Europe and Open Source Summit North America

Colin CharlesJoin Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community.

Percona Live Europe 2017Percona Live Europe Dublin

Are you affected by the Ryanair flight cancellations? Have you made alternative arrangements? Have you registered for the community dinner? Even speakers have to register, so this is a separate ticket cost! There will be fun lightning talks in addition to food and drink.

You are, of course, already registered for Percona Live Europe Dublin, right? See you there! Don’t forget to pack a brolly, or a rain jacket (if this week’s weather is anything to go by).

Open Source Summit North America

Last week, a lot of open source folk were in Los Angeles, California for the annual Open Source Summit North America (formerly known as LinuxCon). I’ve been to many as a speaker, and have always loved going to the event (so save the date, in 2018 it is August 29-31 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).

What were major themes this year? Containerization. Everyone (large and small) seem to be moving workloads into containers. Containers and stateful applications make things all the more interesting, as well as thoughts on performance. This is a big deal for us in the MySQL/MongoDB/other open source database space. Technologies to watch include: Docker/Moby, Kubernetes, and Mesos. These are technologies people are frankly already deploying on, and it looks like the on-ramp is coming. Videos to watch:

The cloud is still a big deal. Yes, people are all customers of Amazon Web Services. Sure they are looking at Microsoft Azure. Google Cloud Platform is – from my informal survey – the third most popular. In many instances, I had conversations about Oracle Cloud, and it looks like there is a huge push behind this (but not too many users that I’ve seen yet). So it’s still a bet on the future as it continues to be developed by engineers. A mention of Rackspace Cloud (which offers all the MySQL variants in the cloud) is good, but many large-scale shops haven’t thought about it.

There were also some “fun” keynotes:

I wish more events had this kind of diverse keynotes.

From a speaker standpoint, I enjoyed the speaker/sponsor dinner party (a great time to catch up with friends and meet new ones), as well as the t-shirt and speaker gift (wooden board). I had a great time at the attendee expo hall reception and the party at Paramount Studios (lots of fun catered things, like In-N-Out burgers!).


  • ProxySQL 1.4.3. Hot on the heels of 1.4.2 comes 1.4.3, nicknamed “The ClickHouse release.” Clients can connect to ProxySQL, and it will query a ClickHouse backend. Should be exciting for ClickHouse users. Don’t forget the SQLite support, too!
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.37-26.21
  • MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1.0 Beta. Do you use ColumnStore? Or do you use ClickHouse? There’s a new beta that might be worth trying.
  • MySQL 8.0.3 Release Candidate. Download this on your way to Percona Live Europe Dublin! Try it. There are many talks for this, including a keynote. You’ll find things like Histograms, more improvements around the optimizer, JSON and GIS improvements, security improvements, resource groups seem very interesting, data dictionary changes and a whole lot more!

Link List

  • CallidusCloud Acquires OrientDB, the Leading Multi-Model Database Technology
  • Database provider MongoDB has filed to go public. Bound to happen, and some highlights according to TechCrunch: “The company brought in $101.4 million in revenue in the most recent year ending January 31, and around $68 million in the first six months ending July 31 this year. In that same period, MongoDB burned through $86.7 million in the year ending January 31 and $45.8 million in the first six months ending July 31. MongoDB’s revenue is growing, and while its losses seem to be stable, they aren’t shrinking either. There have been over 30 million downloads of MongoDB community, and the link also has a nice cap table pie chart.”

Upcoming appearances

Percona’s website keeps track of community events, so check that out and see where to listen to a Perconian speak. My upcoming appearances are:


I look forward to feedback/tips via e-mail at or on Twitter @bytebot.

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