MongoDB Administration Checklist for MySQL DBAs

In this blog, I discuss a MongoDB administration checklist designed to help MySQL DBAs.

If you are MySQL DBA, starting MongoDB administration is not always an easy transition. Although most of the concepts and even implementation are similar, the commands are different. The following table outlines the typical MySQL concepts and DBA tasks (on the left) to corresponding MongoDB ones (on the right). If you happen to be a MongoDB DBA and want to learn MySQL administration, you can use the same table looking from right to left.

I’ve also created a webinar, MongoDB administration for MySQL DBA, that explains the above concepts. You can download the slides to use as a reference.

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Architecture: Basic Concepts






Day-to-day operations




MySQL: Schema

MongoDB: Flexible Schema

MySQL: Config file


MySQL: databases

MongoDB: Databases

MySQL: Storage Engines

MongoDB: Storage Engines

MySQL: Processlist

MongoDB: CurrentOp()

MySQL: Grants

MongoDB: createUser

MySQL: Index

MongoDB: Index

MySQL: Add Index

MongoDB: Create Index

MySQL: Explain

MongoDB: Explain

MySQL: Alter Table

MongoDB: Flexible schema

MySQL: Slow Query Log

MongoDB: Profiling

MySQL: Percona Toolkit

MongoDB: Mtools


MySQL 5.7: GIS

MongoDB 3.2: GIS

MySQL: Backup

  • Backup: mysqldump -A > dump.sql, restore: mysql < dump.sql
  • Stop replication slave, copy files
  • Percona XtraBackup

MongoDB: Backup

  • Backup: mongodump, restore mongorestore
  • Stop replica, copy files
  • Percona HotBackup for TokuMX only

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