Join me for the Community Open House for MongoDB

Join me for the Community Open House for MongoDB


If you can make it to Manhattan Thursday, June 30, 2016, please join me at the Community Open House for MongoDB. The Community Open House for MongoDB, held from 9 AM to 6 PM at the Park Central Hotel, is a free and open event that will feature technical presentations and sessions from key members of the MongoDB open source community. It’s the day after MongoDB World ends, so many of you will already be in town and ready to talk MongoDB – stay one more day to get an even bigger and broader perspective on your MongoDB needs!

The open source community is a diverse and powerful collection of companies, organizations and individuals that have helped to literally change the world. Percona is proud to call itself a member of the open source community, and we strongly feel that upholding the principles of the community is a key to our success. These principals include an open dialog, an open mind, and a zeal for cooperative interaction. Since Percona and ObjectRocket weren’t allowed to participate in MongoDB World, we felt this event would help foster creative and productive dialogue within the community. Together, we can build amazing things!

A reception will be held from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM, featuring plenty of food, drink and fun.

Event Speakers:

The Community Open House for MongoDB features expert speakers from Percona, ObjectRocket, Facebook, Appboy, Severalnines and The Washington Post. Here’s a partial lineup – more will be announced soon!

  • Open Source Monitoring for MongoDB – Peter Zaitsev, Percona
  • Real-world Operational Concerns for Scaling MongoDB – Kim Wilkins, ObjectRocket
  • Doing More With Less With RocksDB and MongoRocks at Facebook – Islam AbdelRahman, Facebook
  • Tracking Billions of App Installs with MongoDB – Jon Hyman, Appboy
  • WiredTiger Scalability and Performance Optimization – Vadim Tkachenko, Percona
  • Using MongoDB and NodeJS to Build Better Forms at the Washington Post – Kat Styons, The Washington Post
  • Real-world Operational Concerns for Scaling MongoDB – Tim Banks, ObjectRocket
  • How to Automate, Monitor and Manage Existing MongoDB Servers – Art van Scheppingen, Severalnines
  • Open Source Encryption for MongoDB – Tim Banks, ObjectRocket
  • My First Moments with MongoDB – Colin Charles
  • Open Source Backups for MongoDB – David Murphy – Percona
  • MongoDB Chunks – Distribution, Splitting & Merging – Jason Terpko, ObjectRocket
  • MongoDB for MySQL Developers and DBAs – Alexander Rubin, Percona

This event is free of charge and open to all, but we do ask you to register in advance so we can save you a seat.

I hope to see you Thursday in NYC!


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