Percona Server 5.5.25-27.0 release delayed


Due to a bug in upstream MySQL ( ), we’ve decided to delay the release of the next Percona Server release until it is resolved. We had originally expected to release Percona Server 5.5.25-27.0 today and instead I’m informing you that we are not.

Quoting Hartmut, who reported the bug:

An UPDATE that should only modify a single row runs forever and blows up table / tablespace size until there is no more disk space available.

This isn’t something we want to expose our users to.

Oracle now lists the latest MySQL 5.5 version on their download site ( ) as 5.5.24, which is the previous release.

We will keep our 5.5.25 binaries available in our EXPERIMENTAL repository and download site, but will delay our final 5.5.25 release until a resolution to this bug is available.



  1. Laurynas Biveinis says

    For those who have upgraded to 5.5.25 before it was recalled, the upstream bug report has a workaround reported by Davi Arnaut:

    SET GLOBAL optimizer_switch = ‘index_merge=off';

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