Scaling IO Bound Workloads Webinar


I will co-present in webinar on Performance Challenges and Solutions for IO Bound Workloads in MySQL. My part of the presentation will be speaking about why switching from CPU bound workload to IO bound is such an important event, how to prepare to it as well as how to keep your application performance good as the data growths.

The Brian’s portion of webinar will focus on the Schooner offering as example of flash based appliance – one of solutions I mention in my presentation.

It should be interesting whenever you’re interested in Schooner appliance offerings, flash or scaling MySQL in General.

You can follow this url to register.



  1. Mark Callaghan says

    Sounds interesting. I haven’t heard much from Schooner since the User Conference and their box sounded great then.

    co-resent –> co-present

  2. pplu says

    Will the webinar be accessible once finished (presentation and/or audio)? I’d like to attend, but it will be impossible for me that day.

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