Different Cloud, Different Challenges: High Availability MySQL on Windows Azure

Cloud and Virtualization
24 April 2:00pm - 2:50pm @ Ballroom H

ClearDB operates its database-as-a-service in various cloud environments, and it’s also the technology that powers MySQL services in Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Cloud environments are highly dynamic by nature, and each cloud presents its own unique challenges to achieving and maintaining MySQL high availability. Cashton Coleman, founder and CEO of ClearDB, will outline key considerations for MySQL in Windows Azure, and discuss what developers and DBAs need to know when the goal is nothing short of maximum uptime under a variety of unexpected scenarios.


Cashton Coleman
Founder and CEO, ClearDB
Cashton Coleman is founder and CEO of ClearDB, and the original architect of its fast growing cloud database platform. His passion is solving database high availability issues in dynamic and challenging cloud environments. Prior to founding ClearDB, Cashton spent more than 15 years designing and building high volume information systems and services for companies and organizations like Baylor University, Salon.com, Feedster and Zend Technologies.