Scaling to 500,000,000 Database Tables and Beyond - The Story

Trends in Architecture and Design
12 November 1:50pm - 2:40pm @ Orchard 2
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50 minutes conference, started in late 2005, has grown to be one of the largest platforms on the web. Today, and self-hosted WordPress sites power almost 20% of the Internet. Very early on, we made the decision to create multiple database tables per site instead of combining multiple sites into larger, monolithic tables. At the time, everyone thought we were crazy and that it wouldn't scale. Maybe we were, but our plan worked! This presentation will give an overview of the architecture, including our extensive use of nginx, MySQL, and SSDs within our 2000+ server infrastructure. It will focus on how we shard, upgrade, and maintain over 350 million database tables across multiple physical data centers with a small team of four sysadmins and no dedicated DBAs.


Systems Wrangler, Automattic / WordPress