Building 50TB-scale search engine with MySQL and Sphinx

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October 25th, 10:15 AM
Ludgate Suite


This talk shares the experience of using MySQL and Sphinx to build a search engine (based on actual project which is one of the largest known Sphinx installations). You will learn about the architecture of a stable, high-performance, easy-to-scale system that has low maintenance costs. We'll discuss technical details starting from hardware and software configuration to maintenance, monitoring and high-availability solutions - how we ensure system is stable and what we do to to keep up with the data and usage growth.



Mindaugas Zukas

Mindaugas Zukas

CEO, Ivinco Ltd.

Mindaugas is CEO and co-founder of Ivinco Ltd., a UK based company that specializes in search engine implementation and consulting. He has years of experience in managing LAMP-stack based projects. Before starting Ivinco he held technical and business roles at internet/tech solution companies including Percona.


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