PARTITIONing - How-To vs. Don't-Bother

Performance Optimization
23 September 3:10PM - 3:35PM @ Zürich 1

25 minutes conference
What are the _useful_ parts of PARTITIONing? Not much. I will briefly present the 'only' four use cases that exist for this decade-old feature of MySQL. I will give you insight into the written -- and unwritten -- limitations and gotchas of PARTITIONing. Plus a few hints about the "native" partitioning coming in 5.7 and where it is headed. Come to learn about PARTITIONing, or to understand why it is not doing all that you expected. Or come to challenge me with a 5th use case.


Consultant, (self)
Rick James worked for Yahoo for 14 years.  A main task was rooting out slowness on hundreds of different MySQL systems and proposing ways to speed them up -- tuning, schema changes, adding indexes, reformulating queries, even rearchitecting.

Rick has addressed over 15K questions on various forums.

Rick now does MySQL consulting, mostly in scaling and performance.