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Deprecation of TLSv1.0 2019-02-28

end of Percona support for TLS1.0

Ahead of the PCI move to deprecate the use of ‘early TLS’, we’ve previously taken steps to disable TLSv1.0.
Unfortunately at that time we encountered some issues which led us to rollback these changes. This was to allow users of operating systems that did not – yet – support TLSv1.1 or higher to download Percona packages over […]

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EL5 and why we’ve had to enable TLSv1.0 again


We have had to revert back to TLSv1.0.
If you saw my previous post on TLSv1.0 (https://www.percona.com/blog/2016/05/23/percona-disabling-tlsv1-0-may-31st-2016/), you’ll know I  wanted to deprecate TLSv1.0 well ahead of PCI’s changes. We made the changes May 31st.
Unfortunately, it has become apparent that EL 5, which is in the final phases of End Of Life, does not support TLSv1.1 or […]

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