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How to Use ProxySQL 2 on Percona XtraDB Cluster for Failover


If you are thinking of using ProxySQL in our Percona XtraDB Cluster environment, I’ll explain how to use ProxySQL 2 for failover tasks.
How to Test
ProxySQL uses the “weight” column to define who is the WRITER node. For this example, I’ll use the following list of hostnames and IPs for references:


| node_name | ip […]

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Updated Percona Server for MongoDB, Kubernetes Operator, Alternative Install for PMM 2.2.0:Release Roundup 1/8/2020

Percona Releases 1.8

It’s release roundup time here at Percona!
We publish quite a few updates to our software and services, so we wanted to make it a little easier for you to keep track of our latest releases. Today’s post includes Percona releases and updates from the last few weeks over the holidays. Every few weeks, each […]

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Data Masking in Percona Server for MySQL to Protect Sensitive Data

Data Masking in Percona Server for MySQL

Starting with Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.17, Percona Server ships with a data masking plugin, using the same API as the MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification feature. This plugin was developed by MySQL Enterprise plugin.
What is Data Masking?
The data masking plugin mentioned above provides easy-to-use methods to hide sensitive data, such as social security […]

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PMM 2.2 Released with Full Support for Amazon RDS and Aurora

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.2 Amazon RDS and Aurora

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.2 (PMM) was released on December 24th with new features and updates designed to help you more easily manage and monitor your open source databases across your multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting ones.   
Full Support for AWS RDS for MySQL/MariaDB and […]

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