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Maybe You Should Try Taking a Walk in My Shoes

The title of this post should really be, “Maybe He Should Try Taking a Walk in Your Shoes.”
The he I’m referring to is economist and author, Tim Harford. The you is the people who use NewSQL and NoSQL approaches to mine big data with database platforms like MySQL and MongoDB (or, preferably, our high-performance […]

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Thoughts on Small Datum – Part 1

A little background…
When I ventured into sales and marketing (I’m an engineer by education) I learned I would often have to interpret and simply summarize the business value that is sometimes hidden in benchmarks. Simply put, the people who approve the purchase of products like TokuDB® and TokuMX™ appreciate the executive summary.
Therefore, I plan to […]

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Simplifying Database Management for Big Data

OpenStack Summit 2014 is a five-day conference for developers, users, and administrators of OpenStack Cloud Software — a topic near and dear to many Tokutek customers. This year’s event is being held in Atlanta, May 12-16, 2014.
Recently, I learned about an interesting Big Data DBMS survey being conducted during the lead up to the conference. […]

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Visit Tokutek at MongoDB Boston on October 25

Tokutek is proud to be a sponsor of the MongoDB Boston 2013 event in Boston next Friday, October 25. The annual one-day conference is dedicated to MongoDB and is featuring all new advanced sessions this year. A few things to look forward to according to MongoDB’s website are:

New and exciting features from the most recent […]

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TokuMX tip: Create any field name you want

A common MongoDB tip is to create short field names to save storage space. Because MongoDB does not compress its data on disk and stores field names in each document, using longer field names leads to bigger documents which leads to more storage space usage. The downside here is developers find short field names […]

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