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Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.6 release

Percona Monitoring Plugins

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.6.

Added new RDS instance classes to RDS scripts.
Added boto profile support to RDS scripts.
Added AWS region support and ability to specify all regions to RDS scripts.
Added ability to set AWS region and boto profile on data source level in Cacti.
Added period, average time […]

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Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.5 release

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.5.

Added more DB instance classes to pmp-check-aws-rds.py (issue 1398911)
Added configurable query period and average time to pmp-check-aws-rds.py (issue 1436943)
Added region support to pmp-check-aws-rds.py (issue 1442980)
Added an option to alert when server is not configured as replica to pmp-check-mysql-replication-delay (issue 1357017)
Added an option to […]

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Yelp IT! A talk with 3 Yelp MySQL DBAs on Percona Live & more

Founded in 2004 to help people find great local businesses, Yelp has some 135 million monthly unique visitors. With those traffic volumes Yelp’s 300+ engineers are constantly working to keep things moving smoothly – and when you move that fast you learn many things.
Fortunately for the global MySQL community, three Yelp DBAs will be […]

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Tips from the trenches for over-extended MySQL DBAs

This post is a follow-up to my November 19 webinar, “Tips from the Trenches: A Guide to Preventing Downtime for the Over-Extended DBA,” during which I described some of the most common reasons DBAs experience avoidable downtime. The session was aimed at the “over-stretched DBA,” identified as the MySQL DBA short of time or […]

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Galera data on Percona Cloud Tools (and other MySQL monitoring tools)

I was talking with a Percona Support customer earlier this week who was looking for Galera data on Percona Cloud Tools. (Percona Cloud Tools is a hosted service providing access to query performance insights for all MySQL uses.)
The customer mentioned they were already keeping track of some Galera stats on Cacti, and given they were inclined […]

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