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Coast to Coast – Review of Conferences

What a busy week – between O’Reilly and Collaborate we gave a number of talks, sponsored a booth, and took some long flights in between the shows. But what an interesting week. The MySQL conference is a great time to catch up with customers and, as always, we heard some excellent feedback on a […]

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TokuDB Tames Huge Logfile Processing Workload for Jawa

Issue addressed:

Process over 10 million log entries per day without partitions or other workarounds.

MySQL + TokuDB Tames Huge Logfile Processing Workload
The Company: Founded in 2005, Jawa develops software and media solutions enabling people to stay connected to information, entertainment and communities while on the go. Jawa is a privately held company headquartered in […]

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Talk to the MySQL Council

We’ve been busy at The MySQL Council. Giuseppe’s summary does a good job explaining what we’ve been up to.
You can communicate with the MySQL council in several ways including:

Respond to the MySQL Council Survey.
Talk to one of the council members. I’ll be in Orlando on Sunday and Monday, and in Santa Clara on […]

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OldSQL Tricks or NewSQL Treats

Why do B-trees need “Tricks” to work?
Marko Mäkelä recently posted a couple of “tips and tricks” you can use to improve InnoDB performance. Tips and tricks. A general purpose relational database like MySQL shouldn’t need “tips and tricks” to perform well, and I lay the blame on design choices that were made in […]

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Hot Column Addition and Deletion Part II: How it works

Hot Column Addition and Deletion (HCAD)
In the previous HCAD post, I described HCAD and showed that it can reduce the downtime of column addition (or deletion) from 18 hours to 3 seconds. In fact, the downtime of InnoDB is proportional to the size of the database, whereas the downtime for TokuDB 5.0 depends […]

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Optimizing slow web pages with mk-query-digest

I don’t use many tools in my consulting practice but for the ones I do, I try to know them as best as I can. I’ve been using mk-query-digest for almost as long as it exists but it continues to surprise me in ways I couldn’t imagine it would. This time I’d like to […]

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Tokutek to Speak at 2011 IOUG Collaborate 11 and O’Reilly MySQL Conference

Tokutek, the leading innovator in high-performance and agile schema storage engines, announced today that its team members will be speaking at both the IOUG Collaborate 11 in Orlando, FL, on April 11, 2011 and the O’Reilly MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, CA, on April 12. Tokutek will also be exhibiting at booth # 612 […]

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Hot Indexing Part I: New Feature

From 31 minutes to 2 seconds
Hot Indexing Overview
TokuDB v5.0 introduces several features that are new to the MySQL world. Recently, we posted on HCAD: Hot Column addition and Deletion. In this post, we talk about Hot Indexing.
What happens when you try to add a new index, as follows?


mysql> create index example_idx on […]

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Hot Column Addition and Deletion Part I – Performance

From 18 hours to 3 seconds!
Hot Column Addition and Deletion (HCAD) Overview
TokuDB v5.0 introduces several features that are new to the MySQL world. In this series of posts, we’re going to present some information on these features: what’s the feature, how does it work under the hood, and how do you get the most […]

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