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MySQL QA Episode 1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun

MySQL QA Episode 1

MySQL QA Episode #1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun
This episode consists of 13 parts, and an introduction. See videos below
In HD quality (set your player to 720p!)

Part 1: echo, ls, cp, rm, vi, cat, df, du, tee, cd, clear, uname, date, time, cat, mkdir

Part 2: find, wc, sort, shuf, tr, mkdir, man, […]

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Private, custom Percona MySQL Training

Alexei Rodriguez presenting at PLMCE13
During the Percona Live MySQL Community Event this year we had the pleasure of Alexei Rodriguez discussing why Evernote uses Percona’s Private Custom MySQL Training. Alexei is VP of operations there and you can watch a video of his presentation on YouTube.
Alexei said he values having Percona tailor training to […]

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