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MySQL Quality Assurance: A Vision for the Future by Roel Van de Paar (Final Episode 13)

MySQL Quality Assurance

Welcome to the final – but most important – episode in the MySQL QA Series.
In it, I present my vision for all MySQL Quality Assurance – for all distributions – worldwide.
Episode 13: A Better Approach to all MySQL Regression, Stress & Feature Testing: Random Coverage Testing & SQL Interleaving
1. pquery Review
2. Random Coverage Testing
3. SQL […]

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MySQL QA Episode 1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun

MySQL QA Episode 1

MySQL QA Episode #1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun
This episode consists of 13 parts, and an introduction. See videos below
In HD quality (set your player to 720p!)

Part 1: echo, ls, cp, rm, vi, cat, df, du, tee, cd, clear, uname, date, time, cat, mkdir

Part 2: find, wc, sort, shuf, tr, mkdir, man, […]

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Free MySQL QA & Bash/Linux Training Series


Welcome to the MySQL QA Training Series!
If you have not read our introductory blog post on pquery yet, I’d recommend reading that one first to get a bit of background. The community is enthuastic about pquery, and today I am happy to announce a full training series on pquery and more. Whether you are […]

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The future of MySQL quality assurance: Introducing pquery

Being a QA Engineer, how would you feel if you had access to a framework which can generate 80+ crashes – a mix of hitting developer introduced assertions (situations that should not happen), and serious unforeseen binary crashes – for the world’s most popular open source database software – each and ever hour? What if you […]

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