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Group Replication and Percona XtraDB Cluster: Overview of Common Operations

group replication percona xtradb cluster

In this blog post I would like to give an overview of the most common failover scenarios and operations when using MySQL Group Replication 8.0.19 (aka GR) and Percona XtraDB Cluster 8 (PXC) (which is based on Galera), and explain how each technology handles each situation. I have created a three-node cluster with Group […]

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MySQL Group Replication – Partial Network Failure Performance Impact

mysql group replication

In this two-part blog series, I wanted to cover some failover scenarios with Group Replication. In part one, I will discuss an interesting behavior and performance degradation I discovered while writing these posts. In part two, I will show several failover scenarios and demonstrate how Group Replication handles each situation.
The test environment is very […]

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Docker Images for MySQL Group Replication 5.7.14

MySQL Group Replication

In this post, I will point you to Docker images for MySQL Group Replication testing.
There is a new release of MySQL Group Replication plugin for MySQL 5.7.14. It’s a “beta” plugin and it is probably the last (or at lease one of the final pre-release packages) before Group Replication goes GA (during Oracle OpenWorld […]

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Percona Live 2016: High Availability Using MySQL Group Replication

Percona Live 2016 had a great first day, with an impressive number of speakers and topics. I was able to attend a session in the afternoon with Luis Soares, Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, on High Availability Using MySQL Group Replication. MySQL Group Replication is a MySQL plugin under development that brings together group communication techniques and database […]

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