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Low Value in range_optimizer_max_mem_size Might Cause Full Table Scan

range_optimizer_max_mem_size Might Cause Full Table Scan

Although how range_optimizer_max_mem_size operates is explained in the official doc, it’s not a well-known variable and surely not a variable you need to modify under most circumstances. But from time to time we get some performance tickets related to this.
What problem does this variable cause if it is not properly sized? Let’s find out […]

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Drain Kubernetes Nodes… Wisely

Drain Kubernetes Nodes Wisely

What is Node Draining?
Anyone who ever worked with containers knows how ephemeral they are. In Kubernetes, not only can containers and pods be replaced, but the nodes as well. Nodes in Kubernetes are VMs, servers, and other entities with computational power where pods and containers run.
Node draining is the mechanism that allows users to […]

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Keeping Open Source Open, or, Why Open is Better

Keeping Open Source Open

Last week Elastic announced that they were “Doubling Down” on open source by changing their licensing to a non-open license – MongoDB’s Server Side Public License, or SSPL.  Let me clarify in my opinion this is not doubling down – unless, as our good friend @gabidavila highlighted, that maybe the thinking was a double […]

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MySQL 8.0.23 Is Available: Highlighting Some Important Points

MySQL 8.0.23 Is Available

As many of you have seen already, MySQL 8.0.23 is available for download (release notes).
Today our dear LeFred thanked all the numerous contributors to bug fixes.  About this: let me mention our two people involved in bug fixing, Venkatesh Prasad Venugopal and Kamil Hołubicki. Great work guys!
On my side, I have reviewed the release […]

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The MySQL Clone Wars: Plugin vs. Percona XtraBackup

MySQL Plugin vs. Percona XtraBackup

Large replication topologies are quite common nowadays, and this kind of architecture often requires a quick method to rebuild a replica from another server.
The Clone Plugin, available since MySQL 8.0.17, is a great feature that allows cloning databases out of the box. It is easy to rebuild a replica or to add new nodes […]

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