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Webinars on Wednesday November 15, 2017: Proxy Wars and Percona Software Update for Q4

Webinars double bill

Do you need to get to grips with MySQL proxies? Or maybe you could do with discovering the latest developments and plans for Percona’s software?
Well, wait no more because …
on Wednesday November 15, 2017, we bring you a webinar double bill.

Join Percona’s Chief Evangelist, Colin Charles as he presents “The Proxy Wars – MySQL […]

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ProxySQL versus MaxScale for OLTP RO workloads

ProxySQL versus MaxScale for OLTP RO workloads

In this blog post, we’ll discuss ProxySQL versus MaxScale for OLTP RO workloads.
Continuing my series of READ-ONLY benchmarks (you can find the other posts here: https://www.percona.com/blog/2016/04/07/mysql-5-7-sysbench-oltp-read-results-really-faster/ and https://www.percona.com/blog/2016/03/28/mysql-5-7-primary-key-lookup-results-is-it-really-faster), in this post I want to see how much overhead a proxy adds. At this
In my opinion, there are only two solid proxy software options for MySQL at […]

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Percona Live 2016: MySQL Community Awards Ceremony

Percona Live 2016

We wrapped up Thursday morning’s Percona Live 2016 keynotes (April 21)  with The MySQL Community Award Ceremony. The MySQL Community Awards is a community-based initiative, with the goal of publicly recognizing contributors to the MySQL ecosystem. The idea is to publicly recognize contributors to the MySQL ecosystem. The entire process of discussing, voting and awarding […]

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How MaxScale monitors servers

maxscale monitors servers

In this post, we’ll address how MaxScale monitors servers. We saw in the
We saw in the previous post how we could deal with high availability (HA) and read-write split using MaxScale.
If you remember from the previous post, we used this section to monitor replication:


[Replication Monitor]
servers=percona1, percona2, percona3


[Replication Monitor]type=monitormodule=mysqlmonservers=percona1, percona2, percona3user=maxscalepasswd=264D375EC77998F13F4D0EC739AABAD4monitor_interval=1000script=/usr/local/bin/failover.shevents=master_down

But what are […]

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Q&A: High availability when using MySQL in the cloud

Last week I hosted a webinar on using MySQL in the cloud for High Availability (HA) alongside 451 Research analyst Jason Stamper. You can watch the recording and also download the slides (free) here. Just click the “Register” button at the end of that page.
We had several excellent questions and we didn’t have time […]

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