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Compression of PostgreSQL WAL Archives Becoming More Important

Compression of PostgreSQL WAL Archives

As hardware and software evolve, the bottlenecks in a database system also shift. Many old problems might disappear and new types of problems pop-up.
Old Limitations
There were days when CPU and Memory was a limitation. More than a decade back, servers with 4 cores were “High End” and as a DBA, my biggest worry was […]

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Introduction to MySQL 8.0 Common Table Expressions (Part 1)

MySQL Common Table Expressions

This blog is the first part of a two-articles series. In this article, I’m going to introduce the Common Table Expression (CTE), a new feature available on MySQL 8.0, as well as Percona Server for MySQL 8.
What is a Common Table Expression?
We can define a CTE as an alternative to a derived table. In […]

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The Benefits of Amazon RDS for MySQL

benefits of Amazon RDS

As the world’s most popular open-source database, MySQL has been around the block more than a few times. Traditionally installed in on-premise data centers, recent years have shown a major trend for MySQL in the cloud, and near the top of this list is Amazon RDS.
Amazon RDS allows you to deploy scalable MySQL servers […]

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