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Is MySQL’s innodb_file_per_table slowing you down?

MySQL’s here on the MySQL Performance Blog that innodb_file_per_table can cause table creation and drops to slow down. But what exactly is the performance hit? We wanted to find out.
The innodb_file_per_table Test:
On a test server running CentOS release 6.5, xfs filesystem, and 5.6.22-71.0-log

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How to reclaim space in InnoDB when innodb_file_per_table is ON

reclaim space in InnoDB

Editor’s Note:  This post was written for MySQL 5.1/5.5 and that the default for innodb_file_per_table was turned ON in 5.6 and the behaviors/process noted below may not be necessary for someone running 5.6/5.7.
When innodb_file_per_table is OFF and all data is going to be stored in ibdata files. If you drop some tables and delete […]

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Spreading .ibd files across multiple disks; the optimization that isn’t

Inspired by Baron’s earlier post, here is one I hear quite frequently –
“If you enable innodb_file_per_table, each table is it’s own .ibd file.  You can then relocate the heavy hit tables to a different location and create symlinks to the original location.”
There are a few things wrong with this advice: (more…)

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