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InnoDB Thread Concurrency

InnoDB has a mechanism to regulate count of threads working inside InnoDB.
innodb_thread_concurrency is variable which set this count, and there are two friendly variables
innodb_thread_sleep_delay and innodb_concurrency_tickets. I’ll try to explain how it works.
MySQL has pluginable architecture which divides work between mysql common code
(parser, optimizer) and storage engine. From storage engine’s point of view it […]

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Mess with innodb_thread_concurrency

In MySQL 5.0.19 the meaning of innodb_thread_concurrency variable was changed (yeah, again).
Now innodb_thread_concurrency=0 means unlimitied count of concurrent threads inside InnoDB. It’s logical, but there was long way. In MySQL versions below 5.0.8 for unlimited threads you had to set innodb_thread_concurrency over 500 (and default value for innodb_thread_concurrency was 8 ).
Starting with MySQL 5.0.8, […]

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