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Percona is Hiring: Director of Platform Engineering

percona is hiring

Percona is hiring a Director of Platform Engineering. Find out more!
At Percona, we recognize you need much more than just a database server to successfully run a database-powered infrastructure. You also need strong tools that deploy, manage and monitor the software. Percona’s Platform Engineering group is responsible just for that. They build next-generation open […]

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Percona is looking for a Support Engineer

As part of our growth process and with the introduction of our Support and Maintenance services, we’re looking for a new Support Engineer.
You would be a part of a unit that operates 24×7 and be the first line of contact for our customers.
Responsibilities include handling or dispatching emergencies and support requests, triaging incoming issues, […]

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Percona is hiring a consultant

We’re hiring. We are looking for the following qualifications:

Expert knowledge of MySQL. Not just “certified” — years of production experience with it. You need to know server internals, for example. You need to be able to do anything from optimizing difficult queries to moving high-volume services between data centers without […]

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