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PostgreSQL Accessing MySQL as a Data Source Using mysql_fdw

PostgreSQL foreign tables in MySQL

There are many organizations where front/web-facing applications use MySQL and back end processing uses PostgreSQL®. Any system integration between these applications generally involves the replication—or duplication—of data from system to system. We recently blogged about pg_chameleon which can be used to replicate data from MySQL® to PostgreSQL. mysql_fdw can play a key role in […]

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Foreign Data Wrappers in PostgreSQL and a closer look at postgres_fdw

FDWs with PostgreSQL

There are a few features in PostgreSQL that are very compelling, and that I rarely see in other RDBMSs. Some of these features are the driving force behind the growing popularity of PostgreSQL. This blog post is about one of my favorite features: FDW (Foreign Data Wrapper). As the name indicates, this feature allows […]

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