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The Most Important Skills for an SRE, DBRE, or DBA

Important Skills for an SRE DBRE or DBA

I have talked extensively about the DBA’s evolving role and how many DBA’s and operations professionals are now becoming SRE’s (site reliability engineers) or DBRE’s (database reliability engineers). Often, databases get blamed as the bottleneck for application slowdowns and issues, so DBAs have had to develop the skills needed to chase problems up and […]

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Why SSPL is Bad For You, Part 2

Why SSPL is Bad

After MongoDB switched to SSPL I wrote part one of this article, titled “Why MongoDB’s SSPL is Bad For You”. At the time it was a MongoDB phenomenon, though over the last 2+ years more companies (typically VC-funded unicorns or public companies) changed licenses to SSPL or similar. This culminated in Elastic changing their […]

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Keeping Open Source Open, or, Why Open is Better

Keeping Open Source Open

Last week Elastic announced that they were “Doubling Down” on open source by changing their licensing to a non-open license – MongoDB’s Server Side Public License, or SSPL.  Let me clarify in my opinion this is not doubling down – unless, as our good friend @gabidavila highlighted, that maybe the thinking was a double […]

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Percona 2020 Recap: Great Content and Software Releases

Percona 2020 content and releases

The Percona team provided the community with some excellent content and several new releases in 2020. I wanted to highlight some of your favorites (based on popularity) if you missed them.
First up is our most-read blog from last year, which ironically was published before 2020. Ananias Tsalouchidis’s blog on when you should use Aurora […]

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Matt’s Big, Bold, Open Source Predictions for 2021

2021 Open Source Predictions

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on most aspects of our lives in 2020. Although some companies saw unexpected growth due to offering in-demand tools or services, I think most of us will be happy to draw a line under 2020 and hope for a better 2021. 
In the spirit of 2021 optimism, I have […]

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