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What’s Next for SQL Databases?

SQL Databases

In this blog, I’ll go over my thoughts on what we can expect in the world of SQL databases.
After reading Baron’s prediction on databases, here:
I want to provide my own view on what’s coming up next for SQL databases. I think we live in interesting times, when we can see the beginning of the next-generation […]

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Percona Live Europe 2016: “Inside CockroachDB’s Survivability Model” with Marc Berhault

Percona Live Europe

The Percona Live Europe 2016 conference is moving along quickly, and today we saw a lot of presentations on open source database that AREN’T MySQL or MongoDB.
There are more than 100 open source databases in the world, each with their own design and use case sweet spots. At Percona Live Europe, we get a […]

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