Montreal Practice Teach @ Station C

Today’s the day I fly to Los Angeles to teach a private training class, en route to Santa Clara/San Francisco for our public training workshops next week.

Our Montreal practice teach at Station-C went great – it was an opportunity to do a road test and iron out any kinks in the delivery.

What did I learn in the process?

  • Solid examples provide context.  I didn’t have the best SHOW GLOBAL STATUS data for the practice teach, but I’ve edited my slides and our official classes will have much better information.
  • Operational issues are one of the most important things people want to hear more information on.  A fair number of students know that dropping an index is not as painless as it should be, but not everyone knows about tools like Flipper and MMM.  It’s not the main focus of our InnoDB/XtraDB workshop, but we will cover how to solve these sorts of problems.
  • Not everyone knows what a mutex or secondary key index is.  It was great to have a crowd that was very quick to give vocal feedback, and the material flowed much nicer once I stopped and spent 2 minutes to explain each of these.

We’ve still got tickets available to both Santa Clara (14th) and San Francisco (16th), but there is a fair chance San Francisco will be full by the weekend. If you’re coming, see you next week!

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As always, it’s a very good training by Morgan and no one made it to ask a question he did not have a solid answer for.

Christopher Murtagh

As an old Postgres guy, this workshop helped me learn more about how MySQL does things, pros and cons. Morgan’s great depth of knowledge in the subject matter was invaluable, and I suspect we’ll be hiring him and/or Percona for more consultations. Thanks again for the invite to the practice teach Morgan, I really appreciated it!

Paul Reinheimer

I had the opportunity to attend the training at Station C here in Montreal, and learned a tremendous amount. I’ve been using MySQL for years, and even consider myself somewhat knowledgeable, but the information I gained on InnoDB and XtraDB was very interesting, and I’ve already been able to affect our roll our plans to make better use of the technology available.

Pity, I sound like a shill. Anyways, I learned a lot, and I thought I knew a bunch already.


That was a really great class,thanks to Morgan and station C! Now I can’t wait for the next scheduled down time!


As more of a PHP developer and designer than a DB manager this was a bit over my head but was still incredibly useful. I find days like this one very productive for getting you out of your comfort zone and being exposed to new ideas.

For anyone not completely confident I’d recommend brushing up on your use of MySQL CLI so that you can keep up with the tutorials, I fell behind and had to spend the break catching up 😉

Thanks Morgan and Percona, it was a great opportunity 🙂