Mark Callaghan, Software Engineer for Database Infrastructure at FacebookFacebook is a major user of MySQL and has pushed the performance limits of the technology. Their MySQL experts have deep, hands on knowledge of the technology. I’m pleased to welcome Mark Callaghan, Software Engineer for Database Infrastructure at Facebook, back again this year to the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo to share his expertise. Mark was a keynote speaker at last year’s conference and will appear this year with a group of Facebook MySQL experts:

Their breakout session is entitled “MySQL at Facebook: lots and lots of small data”. They will explain how MySQL remained relevant at Facebook through a combination of good product (MySQL), good people, and good process. The Q&A session following their presentation promises to be engaging and thought provoking.

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Besides the joint breakout session, Domas Mituzas will talk about the Facebook social graph and the challenges of replicating it across multiple datacenters. His talk entitled “High Performance Replication” will cover his field experiences of having high throughput replication requirements while serving a massive scale and load environment.

Yoshinori Matsunobu will discuss database storage costs and provide performance tuning tips and tricks based on his experiences running critical Facebook database infrastructure in his talk entitled “Practices for Reducing MySQL Database Size”. Yoshinori will also present “Practical Failover Design – Automated, Semi-Automated and Manual Failover”.

Additional talks at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo by Facebook technical experts include:

  • Nizameddin Ordulu, Software Engineer, and Justin Tomer, Software Engineer, will present “InnoDB Compression: Present and Future”. They will discuss Facebook’s compression improvements and the internal details of its implementation, related configuration parameters, and the future improvements that are being worked on by Facebook.
  • Nagavamsi Ponnekanti, Software Engineer, will present “Online Shard Migration (OLM)”. He will discuss migrating a logical database from on MySQL master A (and its slaves) to another MySQL master B (and its slaves) to balance the load and the two parts to OLM – the mechanism and the policy – required for success.

The Facebook representatives presenting at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo represent a small fraction of the great lineup of over 90 speakers who will present more than 110 breakout sessions at the conference. I invite you to review the conference schedule to find the breakout sessions, tutorials, Birds of a Feather sessions, or Lightning Talks that are of most interest to you.

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