Database Trends

Let Percona Actively Manage Your Databases To Achieve Peak Performance

Percona Managed Database Services

Data drives every aspect of your business so your databases need to deliver optimum performance and availability to keep you competitive.
A business requires 24x7x365 database coverage. Keeping your databases stable, performant, and optimized is crucial to your business success.
We understand that finding and retaining qualified DBAs to manage mission-critical database environments can be difficult […]

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Prepare Your Databases for High Traffic on Black Friday

Prepare Your Databases For High Traffic

It’s November, so we all know what that means; it’s peak shopping season, and no date is bigger than Black Friday. But how will your database handle all that new, relentless traffic? Not only does your database have to handle traffic without slowing down, but web servers can sometimes see such sudden traffic as […]

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Avoid Vendor Lock-in with Percona Backup for MongoDB

Percona Backup for MongoDB

Percona Backup for MongoDB v1 is the first GA version of our new MongoDB backup tool. This has been custom-built to assist those users who don’t want to pay for MongoDB Enterprise and Ops Manager but do want a fully-supported community backup tool that can perform cluster-wide consistent backups in MongoDB.
Please visit our webpage […]

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The Impact of Downtime on Your Business

Impact of Downtime

Our latest white paper The Hidden Costs of Not Properly Managing Your Databases discusses the potential losses that you can incur if you do not have a properly configured database and infrastructure setup. A Google study recently found that if an application does not respond in three seconds or less, more than half of […]

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Your Personal Data Just Leaked and It’s (Partly) Your Fault

protect your database

Capital One dominated the headlines this week when they disclosed that they had become the latest hacking victim with a massive data breach this past March. Over 100 million people had social security numbers, bank account information, and other personal data exposed when a hacker got access to Capital One’s critical infrastructure running in […]

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