Database Trends

Share Your Database Market Insight in Our 2020 Open Source Database Survey

Percona Open Source Survey 2020

Share your knowledge and experience to help inform the open source community!
In 2019, we ran our first ever Open Source Data Management Software Survey, resulting in some interesting data on the state of the open source database market.
Some notable statistics included:

90% of survey respondents use more than one database technology in their work environment […]

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The Changing Face of Enterprise DBAs in Cloud-Driven Environments

DBA in cloud environments

Over the past ten years, those in charge of running enterprise databases saw their focus shift from simply ensuring access and availability to overseeing architecture, design, and scalability.
Site reliability engineers (SREs) and/or DBAs suddenly found themselves responsible for not only ensuring the company’s primary revenue engine stayed up but also for ensuring it could […]

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COVID-19 and the Tech World: Hyper Growth and Hyper Slowdowns

covid-19 tech growth

Last week I wrote about How IT Can Scale and Manage Costs in an Economic Downturn. In that blog, I talked about ways to cut costs and prepare your systems for what could be next. With any massive world-changing event, there are going to be companies that have to scale down and weather the […]

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How IT Can Scale and Manage Costs in an Economic Downturn

scale and manage costs

The full impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the world is yet to be seen, but it certainly has taken an immediate and drastic toll. Although not as important as the human toll, one that will have a broad effect is a downturn in what was a booming economy. During economic downturns, companies must start […]

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Benefit from Ongoing Innovation with Google Cloud

Percona and Google Cloud

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure continue to lead the pack, Google Cloud Platform had a good 2019, generating $10 billion of revenue and firmly positioning them as a viable alternative for large and small businesses. 
Google Cloud is working hard to market its unique benefits, hoping to capture a share of current […]

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