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The mysqlpump Utility

 | April 17, 2017 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, MySQL, Percona Toolkit


In this blog, we’ll look at the mysqlpump utility. mysqlpump is a utility that performs logical backups (which means backing up your data as SQL statements instead of a raw copy of data files). It was added in MySQL Server version 5.7.8, and can be used to dump a database or a set of databases to a file and […]

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Using the super_read_only system variable

 | September 27, 2016 |  Posted In: MySQL

Query Language Type

This blog post will discuss how to use the MySQL super_read_only system variable. It is well known that replica servers in a master/slave configuration, to avoid breaking replication due to duplicate keys, missing rows or other similar issues, should not receive write queries. It’s a good practice to set read_only=1 on slave servers to prevent any […]

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MySQL password expiration features to help you comply with PCI-DSS

 | February 4, 2016 |  Posted In: Security

PCI Compliance (section 8.2.4) requires users to change password every 90 days. Until MySQL 5.6.6 there wasn’t a built-in way to comply with this requirement. Since MySQL version 5.6.6 there’s a password_expired feature which allows to set a user’s password as expired. This has been added to the mysql.user table and its default value it’s […]

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How to upgrade your master server with minimal downtime

 | December 1, 2015 |  Posted In: MySQL

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to invert roles for master and slave so you can perform a master server upgrade, and then switch roles back to the original setup. * While following this guide consider server-A as your original master and server-B as your original slave. We will assume server-B already produces binlogs and that […]

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