Author - Mike Grayson

MongoDB Sharding & Replication 101 – The Community’s Questions Answered!

MongoDB 101 Sharding and Replication

A few weeks ago I sat down and talked about tuning MongoDB memory settings with Mike Grayson, one of our MongoDB Database Engineers here at Percona. If you have not seen the video I would recommend it.  Since then I have heard from people in the community about other topics they would like to […]

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Achieving a More Secure MongoDB with Percona Monitoring and Management’s Security Tool

More Secure MongoDB

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a great way to monitor your MongoDB deployment for things like memory, CPU, inter-database metrics like wiredTiger cache utilization, read/write ticket utilization, Query Analytics, and many, many more.  Did you know that in addition to all that, it also has a security threat tool?  In this blog, we’ll […]

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Getting Started with MongoDB in OpenShift Using the Percona Server for MongoDB Kubernetes Operator

MongoDB in OpenShift

Kubernetes has become an integral part of many architectures and has continued to rise in popularity.  Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing containerized workloads and services.  One approach to running Kubernetes is Redhat’s OpenShift.  OpenShift is RedHat’s name for its family of containerization products.  The main part of OpenShift and the product […]

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MongoDB 101: How to Tune Your MongoDB Configuration After Upgrading to More Memory

MongoDB configuration

In this post, we will be discussing what to do when you add more memory to your MongoDB deployment, a common practice when you are scaling resources.
Why Might You Need to Add More Memory?
Scaling resources is a way of adding more resources to your environment.  There are two main ways this can be accomplished: […]

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MongoDB 101: 5 Configuration Options That Impact Performance and How to Set Them

MongoDB configuration options that impact Performance

As with any database platform, MongoDB performance is of paramount importance to keeping your application running quickly.   In this blog post, we’ll show you five configuration options that can impact the performance for your MongoDB Deployment and will help keep your database fast and performing at its peak.
MongoDB Performance Overview
MongoDB performance consists of several […]

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