Author - Max Dudin

Point-In-Time Recovery in Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster – Architecture Decisions

Point-In-Time Recovery in Kubernetes Operator

Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) for MySQL databases is an important feature that is essential and covers common use cases, like a recovery to the latest possible transaction or roll-back the database to a specific date before some bad query was executed. Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) added support for PITR in version […]

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MySQL Escaping on the Client-Side With Go

MySQL Escaping With Go

Day-to-day database operation requires, from an administrator, deep knowledge of db internals and security issues, in particular things like SQL injections. In order to prevent such kind of an attack, we have included go-sql-driver into our code for secure placeholder escaping.
Unfortunately, not all cases are secured by the driver.
In case we are using the […]

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Using Different Versions of a Package in an Application via Go Modules

using go modules

Sometimes you need to write an application that should use different versions of the same package, for example, the ability to work with versions v1.0.1 and v1.22.0 simultaneously. The reasons why can be different, e.g., you have a library that works only with one version of protocol, but your application should be able to […]

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