Percona Live Austin 2020 Sneak Peek!

It’s happening! Percona Live is coming soon and our teams are hard at work finalizing the agenda. Join us for three days of collaboration, learning, and fun, with presentations and discussions on topics relevant to the development, implementation, and management of open source database solutions.

Percona Live 2020

With early bird ticket pricing available until March 1, there’s no better time to reserve your spot. We are excited to feature a new location this year, the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center in Austin, TX from May 18-20.

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Why Should You Attend Percona Live?

  • See how companies build success in a multi-cloud, multi-database environment.
  • Learn how to enhance cloud-native applications in your database environment.
  • Share tips on how to manage systems at scale effectively.
  • Learn what it takes to keep systems up and running in an outage or slowdown.
  • Explore the latest data security practices that help prevent data leakage.
  • Learn best practices for enabling developers to self-support and database choices.

Percona Live 2020

A Sneak Peek:

This year, our agenda is packed with sessions from industry leaders. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • Scaling Financial Audit Logs at TransferWise with MongoDB — Pedro Albuquerque, Transferwise
  • Experiences with JSON in MySQL 8.0 at Paypal — Yashada Jadhav and Stacy Yuan,  Paypal
  • Backup and Recovery of Databases in Cloud Native Environments — Tom Manville, Kasten
  • PostgreSQL Tutorial For Oracle & MySQL DBAs or Beginners — Avinash Vallarapu, Percona
  • Reactive Distributed MicroServices with Apache Cassandra & Docker — Dinesh Joshi, Apache Cassandra 
  • The Venerable Buffer Pool: What’s Its Role If Storage Is Fast? — Dave Cohen & Szymon Scharmac, Intel; Saif Alharthi, PlanetScale.
  • Our Journey to Better MySQL Availability Using Global Transaction IDs, ProxySQL and Consul — Stephane Combaudon and Yuriy Olshanetskiy, Rakuten

The full schedule featuring 11 tutorials and over 80 talks will be announced in just a couple of weeks!

New This Year!

Level 99 breakout session for ‘experts’ only, designed for the most advanced, hardcore attendees. Are you ready to level up?

Percona Live 2020

With every Percona Live, your ticket includes access to the expo hall featuring industry-leading software providers and community projects plus plenty of opportunities for networking, at events like the Welcome Reception, and more!

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