Security Matters at Percona Live Europe 2019

Among the most widely debated topics in technology at the moment are security and data privacy. While the industry has long been aware of the threat of security breaches, recent examples have heightened concerns. Are you doing all you can to protect your data assets, and how do you know? Submissions to Percona Live events reflect the interests of the community of users of open source databases. Consequently, for Percona Live Europe 2019, security and compliance is a hot topic.

Data security sessions

Many conference sessions will address aspects of security and compliance as part of their story. Achieving high availability, the setting up of reliable database monitoring, and implementing sound backup and recovery plans are all important parts of the challenge. Tutorials will touch on those aspects of security that are relevant to their topic.

However, the sessions listed here focus on data security concerns. Full abstracts for these talks can be found on the agenda.

MongoDB Data Security: Custom Rules and Views presented by Adamo Tonete , Percona

MongoDB supports the creation of custom rules, allowing you to hide aspects of your data from users. Adamo will explain how to implement custom rules in MongoDB.

How to Protect PII Data in MySQL While Allowing Customers to Access the Database presented by Alexander Rubin, VirtualHealth

Dealing with health data is a sensitive issue. Alexander will take a look at data isolation, encryption, data masking, and data access.

Enhancing MySQL Security presented by Vinicius Grippa, Percona

In this session, the data life cycle will be considered from creation through to archiving and deletion. What are the technical implications of compliance with GDPR and HIPAA?

Protecting Your Secrets presented by John Boero, Hashicorp

A good look at protecting credentials and how to avoid “secret spread” presented by a security specialist.

PCI/DSS Compliance with MySQL: 2019 Edition presented by Carlos Tutté, Percona

A look at the protection of card data and meeting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards when working with MySQL applications, including consideration of its limitations.

Securing MySQL with Vault and Table Level Encryption presented by Kevin Markwardt, Pythian

How to secure MySQL user accounts with Hashicorp Vault for MySQL user account rotation and expiration.

Data Protection and OSS in the Age of GDPR presented by Cristina DeLisle, DPO XWiki SAS

The impact of GDPR on OSS and how to apply the model of data controller and data processor in the contexts of various communities and infrastructure providers. What is meant by “privacy by default and by design” and how could we envision them applied in our OSS.

Fortify Your MySQL Data Security in AWS Using ProxySQL Firewall presented by Marco Tusa, Percona

A practical approach to enhancing the security of MySQL databases with ProxySQL Firewall.

Large Scale Deployment of SSL/TLS For MySQL presented by Daniël van Eeden,

Real life experiences of deploying SSL/TLS on thousands of servers at, the problems encountered, and how they have been resolved.

You can view the full agenda or download a pdf guide to the conference sessions.Percona Live Schedule 2019


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