The Impact of Downtime on Your Business

Impact of DowntimeOur latest white paper The Hidden Costs of Not Properly Managing Your Databases discusses the potential losses that you can incur if you do not have a properly configured database and infrastructure setup. A Google study recently found that if an application does not respond in three seconds or less, more than half of mobile website users will leave your site. Even if your system is up, but running slowly, impatient users may perceive this as an outage and go elsewhere.

The impact on your bottom line can be very real. Large social media and gaming websites stand to lose tens of thousands (in some cases hundreds of thousands) of users due to slow applications and websites. Users expect continuous and consistent service. It is essential that you optimize your applications and websites to ensure the best and fastest possible performance.

The Cost of Downtime

A Gartner study estimated the average cost per minute of downtime at $5,600 dollars. At $300,000 per hour, this is a price that few companies can comfortably afford. It is alarming how few well-established companies lack an adequate plan to deal with unexpected downtime.

Our white paper outlines some common disaster recovery strategies which every company should consider implementing. We offer advice on reducing the overall costs of running your database and minimizing the risk of downtime and performance spikes.

To accompany this white paper, we welcome you to use one of our free, bespoke, cost-estimation tools:

The Database Management Savings Calculator gives you a breakdown of how much you could save over a three-year period by implementing different database optimization methods. Potential savings can be substantial, up to 50% of your total database costs over a three-year period.

The Database Downtime Calculator estimates the financial impact that a slow response or downtime can have on your business. This calculator takes into account the revenue that your application generates and factors in how many employees are affected by an outage, as well as how long it would take to restore service.

Reducing the likelihood and impact of downtime requires a solid process, a high-level of expertise, and the right resources in place. Percona has extensive experience advising companies on the best way to configure, manage, and run their databases. We can help you reduce slowdowns, improve workload, and substantially delay the need for upgrades.

Download our white paper for further insight, or contact us directly to discuss how we can help ensure your database is working efficiently, and advise you on managing and mitigating downtime.

Hidden Cost of not managing database

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