Percona Live 2019’s Top 10 Highest-Rated Talks

The votes have been tallied, and we’re happy to fill you in on the Top 10 highest-rated talks at the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019! A big thanks to everyone who voted, and if you didn’t attend any of these at the conference, now’s your chance to see what you missed. Percona Live conferences provide the open source database community with an opportunity to discover and discuss the latest open source trends, technologies, and innovations. The conference includes the best and brightest innovators and influencers in the open source database industry.

10. MongoDB Data Security – Custom Rules and Views – Adamo Tonete (Percona)

In this presentation, Adamo Tonete discusses how to create custom rules when the default rules are not enough for the application. Have you ever needed to give a more permissive rule to a user just because this user wanted to run a specific command? Also, he discusses how to use view for hiding fields from users when we don’t want them to read all of the collection.


9. Scaling MySQL at Venmo – Dong Wang (PayPal), Heidi Wang (PayPal), Van Pham (Venmo)

In this presentation, speakers discuss the MySQL architecture and application ecosystem in Venmo, scalability challenges of MySQL for Venmo applications for Super Bowl peak traffic, short term scalability improvements for peak traffic, including horizontal and vertical scalability approaches, and case studies of MySQL performance tuning.


8. Vitess: Running Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes – Sugu Sougoumarane & Dan Kozlowski (PlanetScale)

Sugu Sougoumarane & Dan Kozlowski (PlanetScale) discuss how to shard MySQL on Kubernetes in Vitess. Vitess has continued to evolve into a massively scalable sharded solution for the cloud. It’s is now used for storing core business data for companies like Slack, Square,, and many others. This session will cover the high-level features of Vitess with a focus on what makes it cloud-native.


7. MySQL Technology Evolutions at Facebook – Yoshinori Matsunobu (Facebook)

In this talk, Yoshinori Matsunobu (Facebook) introduces how they evolved MySQL for their workloads and modern hardware, including enhanced replication, space-efficient storage engine, and multi-tenancy.


6. The Highs and Lows of Running a Distributed Database on Kubernetes – Alex Robinson (Cockroach Labs)

Alex Robinson talks about his experiences trying to reliably run CockroachDB, the open source distributed SQL database, on Kubernetes, optimize its performance, and help others do the same in their heterogeneous environments. Learn about what kinds of stateful applications can most easily be run in containers, which Kubernetes features and usage patterns are most helpful for running them, along with some pitfalls encountered along the way.


5. Databases at Scale, at Square – Emily Slocombe (Square)

Emily Slocombe (Square) discusses databases at scale. At Square, they operate thousands of database instances to power a financial network, from payments to payroll. In a word: money. “Mission-critical” isn’t critical enough. Come learn how they operate MySQL and Redis with billions of dollars at stake. They’ll look at everything: configuration, management, monitoring, tooling, security, high-availability, replication and more.


4. Managing MySQL at Scale in Facebook – Junyi Lu (Facebook)

Junyi Lu (Facebook) covers a quick intro to shard/replicaset/instance/host and the scale of FB, the lifecycle of an instance, the tools used for moving instance between states: MPS Copy, rebuild_db etc., shard movements(OLM), and test infrastructure: Shadow and Merlindb.


3. MySQL Group Replication: The Magic Explained v2 – Frédéric Descamps (Oracle)

Frédéric Descamps (Oracle) explains how MySQL Group Replication replication works. This is a theoretical talk in which he explains in detail what replication is and how it works, what certification is and how it’s done. Also, he talks about XCOM and GCS.


2. Part 2: MySQL InnoDB Cluster in a Nutshell: The Saga Continues with 8.0, the full guide – Kenny Grypp & Frédéric Descamps (Oracle)

MySQL InnoDB Cluster in a Nutshell









During this tutorial, attendees got their hands on virtual machines and migrated standard Master-Slave architectures to the new MySQL InnoDB Cluster (native Group Replication) with minimal downtime. After explaining what Group Replication is and how it works (the magic behind it), Kenny and Frédéric experiment with multiple use cases to understand MySQL Group Replication. (Click image for slides)


1. MySQL Shell: The Best DBA tool? How to Use the MySQL Shell as a Framework for DBAs – Frédéric Descamps (Oracle)

In this talk, Frédéric shows us how to first configure the Shell for a nice, good looking experience with MySQL, and show some of the basic commands and objects. After this brief overview,  he shows how it’s possible to extend the Shell, and how he hacked it to create an Innotop clone inside the MySQL Shell.

Thanks to all sponsors, presenters, and attendees for a successful Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019!  Percona Live Europe 2019 is coming up next, taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 30 to October 2, 2019.  The Call for Papers is now open, and we invite you to submit your speaking proposal for breakouts, tutorials, or lightning talks at any level of expertise, from beginner to expert.

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