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Percona Live Europe Session Interview: Spatial Data in MySQL 8.0 with Norvald Ryeng (Oracle)

 | September 27, 2017 |  Posted In: MySQL 8.0, Percona Live


Percona Live Europe 2017Day one of the Percona Live Europe Conference was a huge hit. The first day of sessions went well. People spoke on many different open source database topics, and talks were well-attended.

One such talk I got to sit in was on Spatial Data in MySQL 8.0, given by Norvald Ryeng of Oracle.

MySQL 8.0 is still in development, but we already see a lot of improvement in GIS support. The latest development release comes with support for around 5000 different spatial reference systems, improved standard compliance and a lot of new functionality. How does it all work, and how can it be used to build applications? 

This talk started with the basics of GIS and spatial data in MySQL: geometries, data types, functions, storage and indexes. Then Norvald walked through a demo of how all the parts fit together to support a GIS web application. We also got a sneak peek into the future, including what to do right now to prepare for the upgrade to MySQL 8.0.

Whether you’re currently storing or planning to store spatial data in MySQL, this talk was for you. It covers the topics in a way that is accessible to both novices and more advanced GIS users.

After the talk, I had a chance to interview Norvald, and here is the video:

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