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Revenge of Ransomware! MongoDB Security in the News Again . . .

 | September 5, 2017 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, Insight for Developers, MongoDB, Security


MongoDB SecurityA new set of MongoDB attacks and data breaches struck businesses this weekend, mirroring the attacks that hit back in January and putting MongoDB security back into the spotlight.

Like the last set, this new attack strategy focused on ransomware that demanded a paid ransom to unlock hijacked data. As with many security breaches, the attack was preventable – if you correctly configured your MongoDB databases to prevent security vulnerabilities.

From the ZDNet article above:

“So these attackers simply scan the entire IPv4 internet for a MongoDB running on port 27017,” Gevers told ZDNet. “When they detect these, they then simply try to get access to it with a script that automatically deletes the database and creates a similar one with only one record holding the ransom note.

“The databases that get hacked were running with default settings and were completely exposed to the internet.”

If you rely on databases to run your business, you need to guarantee database security and performance. Your administrators must protect you from situations like the one mentioned above.

Ultimately, database security comes down to two things: identifying core areas of MongoDB security and knowing exactly what to monitor. For MongoDB to work as expected, you need to correctly setup up your databases and monitor them regularly.

Percona experts have addressed many of these issues already on our blog and in our webinars. Here are some links to existing resources that can help you secure your MongoDB databases, and prevent security disasters:



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